Windscribe Review: Should one download without paying money?

Today we’ll analyze new free VPN software for 2018. Eager to know what app will be judged by today?

Ok… It’s Windscribe. You might have heard of this VPN. One might subscribe and take advantage of its paid plans or download its free software. Learn all you need about free VPN Windscribe.

What we checked in this free VPN:

  • How it’s free
  • How private internet use is achieved by the service
  • What protocols are applied for data passing
  • How personal information is encrypted
  • What operating systems the app is compatible with
  • What server locations are offered by the provider free of charge

And …

What Windscribe’s advantages and disadvantages are…

Stay here with us and be the first who will learn about it!

How is Windscribe free?

You know that Windscribe is not completely free, but unpaid version is suggested on the following conditions:

  • A user is allowed to apply free Windscribe for the limitless set of devices.
  • You are given 10GB of free data per month (that’s quite enough unless you torrent or stream day and night).
  • P2P connections are not forbidden, so you will be able to download torrents.
  • Adblock is also suggested free of charge, so you won’t face irritating pop-up ads while visiting sites.

You know that Windscribe is not completely free, but unpaid version is suggested on the following conditions

What is privacy with Windscribe?

As far as private surfing with Windscribe is concerned, the provider follows no-logging policy. Still, they write that they store some information about you in a temporary location (it is deleted after the session is over). See more details on the screen below or in their Privacy Policy article:

What is privacy with Windscribe?

Taking into consideration, the information taken from their website, you can have confidential or private Internet use.

What protocols are applied by Windscribe?

Windscribe supports such protocols as UDP, TCP, Stealth, SOCKS5, OpenVPN and IKEv2, but not all of them are available for the free plan if you want to apply them outside Windscribe apps. If you require OpenVPN, IKEv2 or SOCKS5 to configure VPN connections manually, you will have to upgrade your plan and only then to configure in a manual way.

It is worth noting that they do not apply this standard weak protocol PPTP or LT2P, that’s a big plus.

How does Windscribe encrypt your data?

For all their apps Windscribe provider suggests AES-256 encryption. What is more, an excellent forward secrecy is supported.

If you are going to use Windscribe in its browser extensions, TLS 1.2, ECDHE_RSA with P-256-bit and AES_128-bit encryption key will be applied.

What platforms does Windscribe work with?

Free Windscribe apps work on diverse operating systems and platforms: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Linux and browsers (Chrome and Firefox). Unfortunately, they have no app for Android, which makes us upset. Still, one can take advantage of it on the platforms mentioned above.

All of them are provided on the site and there is no problem to download it on your gadget.

Besides, there are no limitations about the number of devices on which you are allowed to use free Windscribe.

In what countries does Windscribe have VPN servers?

It’s good news that 11 countries are accessible for the free Windscribe app. That’s quite enough for unblocking most of well-known restricted websites and services. What is even more, you can unblock torrent websites (P2P is supported).

Have a look at the full list of free Windscribe VPN locations on the screenshot:

Have a look at the full list of free Windscribe VPN locations on the screenshot:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windscribe

+11 countries with VPN servers to get linked

+Advanced protocols protect against hacking

+ Torrenting is supported

+ Decent encryption key

+ Multiple platforms and apps for free

+ No limits on the use of devices

-Data bandwidth is limited

Our verdict is that Windscribe offers a cool free plan, which is worth trying, really worth trying!

Do you agree? Contact us and share what you think about Windscribe!

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