About us

Team-gizka.org is a website where you can find unbiased reviews of free VPN services. We do not sell or promote this free VPN software. Our aim is to review them from the point of view of a common user.

Our reviews are based on several key factors, which are meaningful as we believe:

💥Term of free use

We browse free VPNs’ websites to search for the conditions on which a VPN service is free of charge: period of time, data bandwidth or may be it is totally free VPN software.

💥Privacy Policy or logging policy

No-logging policy is the primary reason why to choose the VPN, it’s an indicator of internet privacy. So we check this factor for each VPN which is under review.

💥Data transfer protocols

We believe thta data transfer protocols MUST be strong enough, no matter whether the service is free or paid. Poor protocols make your VPN useless as far as online security is concerned.


The more advanced encryption is, the safer your secret information is. 128-bit codifying and higher make your traffic protected and hidden from cyber interventions.


That’s dead convenient to have a multi-platform free VPN in use, in such a case there is no need new VPN software for each device.

Stay safe and private on the network!