Free VPN Guide

Internet users can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. The first group is FOR free VPN software;
  2. The second group is AGAINST free VPN software.

Do you support any of the groups mentioned above?

Well, is here to find decent free VPN services that will satisfy the needs of those with a tight budget.

In case you feel uncertain whether you need a VPN or not, keep on being here and you will be sure why you need a VPN.

Free VPN: Checklist of Why You Need it

Free VPN: Checklist of Why You Need it

  1. It is free of charge and you won’t lose your money in case you aren’t satisfied with it.
  2. Plenty of respectable VPN providers have decent free packages or versions with limited, but sometimes good enough features for online privacy and security (strong enough even for gaming (even for noises of zone they say), streaming, chatting on forums and others).
  3. Free VPNs as well as paid VPNs often apply sustainable protocols and encryption tools.
  4. Most of free VPN services offer server in popular countries, such as the US and UK, European countries. (Such VPN servers let you unblock Netflix, HBO, SkyGo and other online streaming sites, even forums(, 2k forums etc.) might be accessible with them).
  5. Free VPN software is also compliant with diverse platform and OSes.

How to choose free VPN?

There are 5 major factor to consider while choosing a free VPN:

How it’s free

You must get to know on what terms a VPN service is free of charge: period of time, data bandwidth or may be it is totally free.

No-logging rules

No-logging policy is the primary reason why to choose the VPN, it’s an indicator of internet privacy.

Data transfer protocols

Bear in mind that data transfer protocols MUST be strong enough, no matter whether the service is free or paid. Poor protocols make your VPN useless as far as online security is concerned.


The more advanced encryption is, the safer your secret information is. 128-bit codifying and higher make your traffic protected and hidden from cyber interventions.


That’s dead convenient to have a multi-platform free VPN in use. You won’t have to look for new VPN software for each device.

We have looked through dozens of VPN’s websites and present you 10 free VPN software for 2018

(We took into consideration 5 Major Factors, see them above ⬆)

What can you use Free VPN for?

🚩Break blocks to websites and access them freely.

🚩Bypass online censorship and unblock access to censored sites.

🚩Use the Internet in a private way.

🚩Protect your internet connections against hacking attacks.

Are free VPNs legal now?

Virtual Private Network is not kept in secrecy, and the authorities are aware of it. Still, VPN services are legal (except Iran) whatever you use it for. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that illegal activities performed under free VPN don’t become legal. Here is the example: if you share copyrighted content on torrent website, that’s illegal both with or without free VPN.

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